Eating foods that hurt your stomach

2021.11.28 00:16 Ok-Cantaloupe1 Eating foods that hurt your stomach

So I have struggled for a very long time when it comes to nutrition since I have very little self control. My stomach is super sensitive to A LOT of foods. Gluten makes me bloat a ton and dairy absolutely ruins my bowels. Sugary foods hurt me, and even some healthy foods like apples, watermelon, and green peppers (something about them being too acidic?). I was told I had IBS but I have a feeling it’s just dairy and gluten? Not sure but I’m always bloated and in pain, and bowel movements are never normal. Even when I try to be healthy I can never control myself. For example Mac and cheese is my FAVORITE food. But it is the worst food for my stomach, it puts me into so much pain (almost every?) time I eat it. I know I have horrible pain ahead of me and I eat it anyways. I don’t even think it’s worth it but I still do it. I do this with so many foods I know will hurt my stomach. Any advice? I’m so sick of eating things that hurt me and having no discipline with food. (I have done better over time like switching to almond milk and sour dough bread)
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2021.11.28 00:16 miNombreJefe Heatran Raid

3802 5674 5385
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2021.11.28 00:16 omegacluster In-Dreamview - Triptych (post-rock, jazz fusion) [2021]

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2021.11.28 00:16 vertazontal Oceania for digital versions?

My wife just got me Oceania for my birthday and we played it and had a blast. We're considering getting the iPad or Steam version but I can't seem to tell- do either of these versions contain the expansions / offer DLC? Would love to be able to play with the expanded content.
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2021.11.28 00:16 mark_____0 Rock with some interesting patterns.. reminds me of ooids but much larger than the ones I normally find, any help!?

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2021.11.28 00:16 kimahri27 Echo dot with clock not connecting to wifi during setup

I just unboxed and plugged in my new echo dot with clock. I opened the alexa app, which was freshly installed and logged in prior, and echo dot setup prompt pops up. I tap continue and it gives me a couple bluetooth prompts which I say yes to. Then it searches for wifi and immediately makes a da-dump sound two seconds later, the robot voice saying it cannot connect to wifi and the phone saying "There was an unexpected connection drop". Then it goes on this wild goose chase, telling me to hold the round button to re-engage setup, or telling me to connect to the wifi network labeled "Amazon", which I don't see at all. One of the failed attempts did eventually show a list of my wifi channels, only to immediately go da-dump two seconds later and give me the same connection drop error. So it feels like it was about to work, until it failed tragically.
I cleared all my bluetooth pairings, held the round button for a whopping 30 seconds to get it to say resetting device, and toggled my phone's wifi and bluetooth on and off for good measure. Same problems. Searches for Wifi, goes da-dump, Unexpected connection drop. I have over a dozen devices connected to my wifi mesh network without issue, including my phone and my computer of which I'm typing on right now. Everything is within a few feet of a mesh hub.
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2021.11.28 00:16 CrewItchy5584 can someone explain to me what the test item does?

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2021.11.28 00:16 Aggressive_Ball9293 Are Stress Dreams/Nightmares more often non-sequitur, or more commonly seamless with being in bed/asleep, EG starting with you being in bed like with "Sleep Paralysis"?

I heard a coworker talking about stress dreams, with paralysis demons being the exception, and most being non-sequitur starting and doing whatever wherever.
It occurred to me every single stress dream and nightmare I've ever had starts with me being in bed in my dreams, even if that means dreaming I'm getting ready and going to school before the stereotype of being undressed, unprepared, chased, teeth falling out, etc.
Y'all just teleported elsewhere when asleep, or are you chased down your hallway dreaming about getting up to piss/drink/etc?
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2021.11.28 00:16 JoeAllensBeard First time out walking with the X-T4 (35mm f2)

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2021.11.28 00:16 Whole_Peak_8984 22 [F4M] Looking to [Chat] while I’m stuck at work!

Only one hour to go!! It’s gonna drag by, so I’d love some company haha! Of course, I’d be happy to keep chatting once I get home as well :)
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2021.11.28 00:16 Background-Row-3706 Should I stop early??

I am on month 4 of accutane & have not taken my dose in about 6 weeks. I have been having a lot of issues with my immune system, and now I have mono, so I just haven’t been taking it as I don’t want to feel worse than I already do. I’m already experiencing a break out and I only have two months left. I don’t know what to do and my next derm appt isn’t until mid December. I don’t want to schedule an extra one as I cannot afford it. My liver function is normal, I feel fine aside from being sick all the time. Pls help
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2021.11.28 00:16 CzarofGames Oculus Controller stopped working

My oculus quest 1 left controller stopped working, I got busy with work for awhile and forgot batteries in the left controller and it looks like the spring has some rust on it. Does anyone know a way to fix it? I dont want to buy a new one because they are pretty expensive now that they arent being made anyone. They are like 120$ used at that point I might as well buy a new vr headset.
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2021.11.28 00:16 HappyDodge2 How did you meet your soulmate?

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2021.11.28 00:16 Big_Dick_Satyr Evening study of classical drawing, Me, Black chalk on recycled paper, 2021

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2021.11.28 00:16 JoZaJaB Does the Mission Impossible tv remote secret work with gameboy advance or only gameboy color?

There is a secret function in Mission Impossible for the Gameboy Color which allows you to use the game as a TV remote. Will this function also work on the Gameboy Advance SP, or does it use something special about the Gameboy Color?
I’m just wondering because I own a Gameboy Advance SP and think it would just be a fun trick or way to mess with my friends when I visit their houses.
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2021.11.28 00:16 PancakesAreGood76 Palm Trees

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2021.11.28 00:16 Leon122900 Do French and boogie fw each other

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2021.11.28 00:16 ashtray_420 Hiring VFX artists [paid]

Looking for VFX generalists or animators with experience in Nuke, Houdini, After Effects, Blender etc to help create apocalyptic effects for a high quality music video (fire, explosions, shockwaves). Paid. We request that you submit a showreel (or work with 3d animation) to determine what your shot will be and a corresponding budget for that shot. Budget varies greatly depending on the shot and could be hundreds or thousands depending on the skill level. We need to see what you are capable of to determine where you fit. We will call over discord to finalize things or another platform of your choice.
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2021.11.28 00:16 DidIKnowYou77 Who can I hire to remove the plastic melted in the oven?

I’ve seen many posts about HOW to remove plastic that’s been melted in the oven, but I have pretty bad asthma and don’t think it would be the best for me to do it myself. I just want to know who I would hire to clean it out? Any suggestions?
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2021.11.28 00:16 Matt_BBB What is better for xiangling? An R5 dragon’s bane or R1 wave breaker’s fin? This is considering I’m running her in national team+Ayaka

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2021.11.28 00:16 KimCureAll Watching this huge crocodile slowly cruising along the bottom of the clear Crocodile River in South Africa at a safe distance from above

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2021.11.28 00:16 SpicyLockhart What's the pa sets prices since the recent dupe??

What u guys think
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2021.11.28 00:16 Sam-samasII I need help team building

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2021.11.28 00:16 Enough-Fee-3039 What Deathstroke do you prefer?

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2021.11.28 00:16 Acrobatic-Ad3500 4th batch of weapons that nobody asked for ( I have too much free time )

The Purging of Heresy
Attributes : Minigun, Firing from Three Barrels ( Does exactly what it says, basically triple damage ) and Quick Reload ( Self Explanatory )
Mobility : 35
Category : Primary
Appearance : This gun is a giant minigun with three barrels. Just a reminder, it is not the siege minigun. It is made out of polished white metal and sometimes glints in the sun. The barrels are Neon Blue with some parts being soaked black with soot. The bullets are just the normal yellow bullets. When it fires incredibly quickly and packs an insane punch, although the downside is that the recoil is too strong and the time to charge top the minigun to firing speed is quite long, taking up to 5 seconds to get to full firing. During the charge up, the three barrels spin really quickly. They do not fire until the gun gets to full charge/firing.
Firerate : 100
Ammunition : 300, reload time is 2 seconds with quick reload
Damage : 3 ( Body ) 5 ( Head ), 180 ( Estimated dps if all body shots ) , 300 ( Estimated dps if all headshots )
Hidden Attributes : 4x Scope
Delays : Fixed Delay 3 Seconds
Where to get : Set Event
Cat Spammable : Wtf minigun for cat spam are you stupid
Skittle Spammable : Low chance, even if the damage is incredible there are multiple downsides that balance this gun, such as the long fixed delay, the accuracy getting weaker as time goes on, the recoil, the incredible consumption of ammo event with the 300 bullets and a insane long time for the gun to start firing.
Pixel Ecko review : Dang it! I couldn’t even get to full charge and he killed me.
Kill Effect : The enemy bleeds out on the ground and dies to the amount of bullet holes in him.
Tactical Electricity
Attributes : Charge Shot, Shock Lock ( Stops the enemy from moving and disables their weapon from firing. Gadgets can still be used but no jumping. Lasts for 2 seconds ) and Laser
Mobility : 65
Category : Sniper
Appearance :
Firerate : 3 ( Charge Time )
Charge : Has 3 ticks, each tick takes 1 second to charge up
Ammunition : 100 ( Each Full Charge takes 50 )
Damage : 60 ( Body, 1 tick ) 120 ( 2 ticks ) 180 ( 3 ticks ) 80 ( Head 1 tick ) 160 ( 2 ticks ) 240 ( 3 ticks )
Hidden Attributes : Blindness, very weak and lasts for 1 second
Delays : Fixed Delay, 3 seconds
Where to get : Lottery Gun
Cat Spammable : 7%
Skittle Spammable : 12%
Pixel Ecko review : I’m telling you, with modules this thing will become very op.
Kill Effect : The dead enemy explodes from all the electricity in them.
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